Diaoyutai MGM Hospitality's Second "Taste Appreciation - Star Chef" Food Activity Officially Launched
Diaoyutai MGM Hospitality,along with Bellagio by MGM Shanghai, Diaoyutai Boutique Hotel Chengdu and MGM Grand Sanya, jointly created the second "Taste Appreciation · Star Chef" food event.
MGM Mhub Hotel brand globally launched, bringing together infinite wonders with a youthful mindset.
Diaoyutai MGM Hotels Group officially launched a new concept entertainment lifestyle hotel brand - Mhub by MGM, further enriching its brand matrix; meanwhile, targeting the travel choices of the new generation of consumers.
The first "Tasting - Celebrity Chefs" culinary event of the 2020 Diaoyutai MGM Hotels Group is officially launched.
China is an ancient civilization with an ancient food culture. To pay tribute to the profound Chinese food culture and promote the Chinese culinary philosophy of "drinking virtues, eating harmony and enjoying the cuisines of all nations".
MGM Diaoyutai redevelops site, MGM Mhub Hotel settles in Xiamen
Following the signing of the Shenzhen MGM Hotel in November, the Diaoyutai MGM Hotel Group (hereinafter referred to as "Diaoyutai MGM") has received more good news: the signing of a hotel management agreement with Hengyi (Xiamen) Commercial Operations Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hengyi").
MGM joins forces with Xiaomeisha Investment to create a world-class urban coastal leisure destination.
The MGM Shenzhen Hotel will be located in Xiaomeisha, infusing the "ocean in the city" with its inherent entertainment genes and strong resource integration capabilities, together creating a world-class urban coastal leisure destination.
Fishing for the Beauty of Autumn Food - Using limited ingredients from this autumn to cook the plump happiness of golden autumn
Three cities and three hotels offer autumn cuisine with diverse flavors and ingredients, showcasing the best from around the world. We invite guests from all over the world to enjoy the delicious cuisine and make this year's autumn more beautiful than ever.
Diaoyutai MGM enters the heart of Chongqing, creating the Yuzhong International Life Center with branded residences and boutique hotels.
Beijing - Diaoyutai MGM Hotel Group recently announced that it has reached multiple collaborations with Chongqing Aipu Real Estate (Group) Co., Ltd., and its Diaoyutai MGM brand residential and Diaoyutai boutique hotels have settled in the "Chongqing Center" complex project.
Lu Chuan Encounters Baolijia, Composing an Elegant Chapter on the Bund of Shanghai. Baolijia Hotel Brand Film: Beautiful Premiere
After Las Vegas in the United States, the world's second Bellagio hotel, Shanghai Suning Bellagio Hotel, made its grand debut today - "Bellagio Only".
Diaoyutai MGM Hotel Group has announced the appointment of Mr. Li Jun as the Vice President of the group, fully responsible for three strategic tasks: development, brand, and design
In April 2018, Beijing - Diaoyutai MGM Hotel Group announced the official appointment of Mr. Kevin Lee as the Vice President of Hotel Development, Brand Strategy, and Design Engineering, leading the team to create brilliant results and promoting the group's overall brand strategy planning and product innovation.
Asia's first Pullman hotel blossoms on Shanghai's North Bund, creating a landmark building that perfectly blends understated luxury with artistic aesthetics.
Bellagio by MGM Shanghail is located at No. 188 North Suzhou Road, adjacent to the historic Waibaidu Bridge, boasting panoramic views of the Lujiazui skyline and the enchanting scenery along the Bund.
"Diaoyutai" and "Bellagio" both win the Best Design Hotel Award
Diaoyutai MGM Hotels Management Co., Ltd. and its affiliated hotels are closely following the development of the epidemic situation in Beijing. Recently, relevant media reported that the Beijing Oriental MGM Hotel, located in Beijing's Fengtai District, is serving as a centralized quarantine site.
Diaoyutai MGM Hotel Group has won the Golden Horse Award for Chinese Hotels five times
On March 27, 2017, Beijing - Recently, the 17th China Hotel Golden Horse Awards and Global Forum were held in Guangzhou. Diaoyutai MGM Hotel Group was invited to attend the forum and won the "Most Promising Hotel Group" award
The legendary Las Vegas hotel brand "Bellagio" is about to blossom on Shanghai's Bund.
Shanghai Suning Bellagio Hotel chose to unveil its architectural exterior model during the 2017 Chinese New Year period, allowing numerous guests visiting this city that never sleeps to catch a glimpse of its charm and look forward to it with great anticipation.
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