1. Introduction

Mlife Rewards (hereinafter referred to as “The program”, “The loyalty program” or “Mlife”), a loyalty program maintained by Diaoyutai MGM Hospitality, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “DMH Group” , “DMH” or “the Group”) to confer more benefits to loyal guests and patrons of our brand portfolios, feature a wide variety of exclusive privileges and member events.

2. Participating Hotels

2.1. The hotels currently participating in the program include:

• Bellagio by MGM Shanghai

• MGM Shanghai West Bund

• Diaoyutai Hotel Qingdao

• MGM Qingdao

• Diaoyutai Boutique Hotel Chengdu

• Mhub by MGM Nanjing Jiangning

2.2. Diaoyutai MGM Group will regularly update the list of hotels participating in the loyalty program (hereinafter "Participating Hotels").

2.3. MGM Grand Sanya has not participated in the Mlife Rewards due to system reasons, so there is no member rate, and cannot accumulate points and nights. However, in order to enhance the member experience, when staying at MGM Grand Sanya, the hotel will provide part of services and benefits according to the corresponding level of Mlife Rewards. Members are required to indicate their membership to MGM Grand Sanya in advance upon booking and check-in.

3. Membership qualifications and account

3.1. Natural persons who are over 18 years of age (and reach the legal age of adulthood in the country or region of residence) and have full capacity for civil conduct can apply to join the Mlife Rewards and open a member account in their own name (such member accounts are online information, including the member ’s name and other personal information);

3.2. The registration information provided by the member must be genuine and valid, including but not limited to: information such as name and date of birth must be consistent with the member's valid ID, and generally cannot be changed after registration;

3.3. Only one valid email address is kept in the member account;

3.4. The membership number cannot be changed (even if it is upgraded or downgraded), and at any time, one member only keeps and uses one Mlife account and membership number;

3.5. The membership level is evaluated and determined according to the member’s stay and consumption history (such as eligible room nights accumulated) as specified in terms and conditions. Mlife membership system will upgrade, sustain, or downgrade the membership level automatically in the member account;

3.6. Member accounts cannot be transferred, merged and shared.

3.7. The loyalty program is currently not available to employees of Diaoyutai MGM Group and its hotels.

4. Member registration

4.1. Mlife basic membership is open to all guests such as frequent business travelers and leisure travelers. Guests can register by means of: 

4.1.1. Log onto the Diaoyutai MGM Hospitality's official website www.dytmgm.com;

4.1.2. Log onto Wechat and follow “DiaoyutaiMGM” or add mini-Program “钓鱼台美高梅美狮荟Mlife”, and fill in required information;

4.1.3. Contact Mlife Service & Reservation Center (Hot line: 4009030228);

4.1.4. Visit our participating hotels personally and register with the assistance of hotel staff. 

4.2. Register member is limited to a natural person, not a company or other organization as the applicant for registration.

5. Membership levels and evaluation

Mlife features four membership levels. With the eligible room nights change, membership level will be evaluated based on the following rules:


Silver Card members shall keep 0-9 eligible room nights in each calendar year;

Gold Card members shall keep 10-29 eligible room nights in each calendar year;

Platinum Card members shall keep 30 or more eligible room nights in each calendar year;

Black Card members are guests exclusively invited by the Diaoyutai MGM Group.

Members need to provide Mlife membership number at the time of booking, check-in or before checkout, and actually stay in the hotel, in order to obtain accumulative room nights by meeting the eligible room rates as required by participating hotels (see below). For the avoidance of doubt, the premise of obtaining a valid room night is paid accommodation.

Eligible room rates: For direct booking through Diaoyutai MGM Group's official website and mobile terminal, Mlife Service & Reservation Center, or participating hotels, most of the room rates are eligible to accumulate room nights, including: standard room rate, member rate, company negotiated rate, government rate.

For the avoidance of doubt, ineligible room rates refer to: group or conference room rates (whether through main bill settlement or individual direct settlement), airline crew rates, rate on third-party reservation channels (including but not limited to Booking.com, Expedia, etc.) and other discounted rate, packaged discount or wholesale rate offered by other travel agents, complimentary room, free night awards.

6. Membership levels and benefits

6.1.   Membership levels are divided into four levels: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Black; Membership benefits are provided by the participating hotels based on the membership level, loyalty program and the actual situation. In principle, the benefits of each membership level include:

Membership level





Reservation & Check-in/out Benefits

Earn Points [i]

Dedicated Reservation Hot line and Mini-program [ii]

Member Rates & Deal  [iii]

Dedicated Check-in/out Area [iv]

Late Check-out [v]




Room Upgrade [vi]

Advanced Reservation Guarantee [vii]

Amenities Benefits

Dedicated Welcome Amenity [viii]

Dedicated Birthday Coupon

Dedicated Kid's Amenity [ix]

Complimentary Internet [x]

Complimentary Local Calls

Complimentary Parking [xi]

One-off Complimentary Soft Drink For The Minibar In Stay [xii]

Service Benefits

Pressing Service [xiii]

One suit or two pieces

Two suits or four pieces

Food & Beverage Discount [xiv]





Branded Turndown Service [xv]

Butler Service [xvi]

The footnotes of these terms and conditions detail the way in which the benefits marked in the table above are provided and their applicable conditions.

[ii] Mlife Service & Reservation Center will provide Mlife members dedicated services of membership related questions and room reservations. Or add mini-program “钓鱼台美高梅美狮荟Mlife”  on Wechat to join Mlife, check member’s rewards, make reservation, and shop online.

Service Hot-line: 4009030228 (9am – 9pm, Monday to Sunday includes Public Holidays)

Mini-Program: 钓鱼台美高梅美狮荟Mlife

[iii] Mlife members are entitled to exclusive discounted rates (i.e. "Member Rates"). Member rates are applicable to all participating hotels under the Diaoyutai MGM Group, and subject to variation from time to time (based on the lowest published rate of similar room types in hotels).

Member rates are available through direct booking channel of the Diaoyutai MGM Group, which includes:

Diaoyutai MGM Group's official website: www.dytmgm.com

Diaoyutai MGM Group WeChat account: DiaoyutaiMGM

Diaoyutai MGM Group Mini Program: 钓鱼台美高梅美狮荟Mlife

Diaoyutai MGM Group Mlife Service & Reservation Center: 4009030228 (Service Time: 9am – 9pm, Monday to Sunday includes Public Holidays)


Member rates are also available through travel agencies or business travel partners authorized by Diaoyutai MGM Hospitality. (such as Fliggy).

Member room rate description:

• Members will enjoy a discount on the basis of the room rates of the participating hotels published on Diaoyutai MGM Hospitality’s website; 

• Member rate applies to booking 3 or less rooms of the same hotel at one time. The eligible room nights shall be accumulated by the members themselves;

• Member rate cannot be applied in conjunction with other promotions, offers or discounts, and does not apply to reservations or group reservations that have already been completed;

• Member discount does not apply to specific types of individual customers, such as individual customers who book through negotiated price of the government or company.

[iv] Participating Hotels will provide dedicated check-in/out area for members only.

[v] Under below restrictions, the late check-out benefit applies to Mlife Gold, Platinum and Black Card members. Members need to inform the hotel reception in advance of the late check-out, participating hotels will do their best to meet the needs of members for late check-out, as follows:

Membership level

Late check-out benefits


Gold Card members

2pm local time

Based on the availability of rooms on the day

Platinum Card members

3pm local time

Black Card members

4pm local time

Late check-out at 4 pm local time is a guaranteed benefit

[vi] The room upgrade benefit is applicable to Mlife Platinum and Black Card members. Platinum and Black Card members will enjoy room upgrade benefits at no additional cost each time they stay at the hotel. This benefit is limited to Platinum and Black Card members themselves.

• Participating hotels will ensure room upgrade benefit for Platinum and Black Card members, but specific upgrade arrangements need to be made according to the actual room reservation at that time; 

• The hotel will upgrade the reservation to the next level room type for Platinum Card members;

• The hotel ensures that Black Card members can at least upgrade to a basic suite, and such upgrade arrangement shall be made based on the actual room reservation at the time.

[vii] Mlife Platinum Card members are entitled to a 72-hour advance reservation guarantee; Black Card members are entitled to a 48-hour advance reservation guarantee.

Even if the hotel rooms on the selected date are all sold out on public booking channels, Platinum Card members (72 hours in advance) and Black Card members (48 hours in advance) can call the Diaoyutai MGM Group Mlife Service & Reservation Center to enjoy the guaranteed booking benefits, with following restrictions:

• The hotel has blackout dates during special events. Such as hosting important meetings or sporting events;

• Platinum Card or Black Card members can only book rooms for themselves;

• In such case, it may be hard to ensure a room upgrade;

• Members may need to make reservations and payments in accordance with the minimum published room rates and minimum room nights required by the relevant hotels during the booking guarantee period;

•  This benefit cannot be used in conjunction with bonus night benefits or any form of promotion and discounted room rates;

•  This benefit does not apply to participating resort hotels.

[viii] Dedicated Welcome Amenity is applicable to Mlife Platinum and Black Card members. Dedicated Welcome Amenity will epitomize brand culture and local characteristics.

[ix] Dedicated kids’ amenity will be provided to all levels of Mlife members. Participating hotels shall provide kids’ amenities as required. 

[x] Complimentary Internet service will be provided to all levels of Mlife members.

If non-members need to use the complimentary in-room Wi-Fi, please read and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, join the Mlife Rewards.

[xi] In principle, all levels of Mlife members staying at participating hotels are entitled to free parking which are limited resource depending on the parking space of the hotel.

[xii] Complimentary mini-bar will be provided to all levels of Mlife members on the first day of stay. The specific criteria are as follows:

• Complimentary soft drinks in the mini-bar will be provided to all levels of Mlife members on the first day of stay, excluding alcoholic drinks and snacks.

• The types and quantity of mini-bar beverages of participating hotels will be arranged and adjusted according to the brand positioning and actual situation of each hotel;

• Unless otherwise specified by the participating hotels, all levels of Mlife members can enjoy complimentary soft drinks in the mini-bar on the first day of stay. If check-in again within 24 hours after check-out at the same hotel, this benefit will not apply.

[xiii] Mlife Platinum and Black Card members will receive free clothes pressing service during each stay. The specific applicable

conditions are as follows:

• Platinum Card members will enjoy free ironing of one suit or two pieces of clothing during each stay;

• Black Card members will enjoy free ironing of two suits or four pieces of clothing during each stay;

• The collection time for ironing service is around the clock. Items collected before 4pm will be returned by 8pm on the same day; Items collected after 4pm will be returned by 10am the next day.

[xiv] Mlife provides members with different levels of food and beverage discounts. The specific rates are as follows:

• Silver Card members: 5% discount

• Gold Card members: 10% discount

• Platinum Card members: 15% discount

• Black Card members: 20% discount

The specific applicable conditions for food and beverage benefits are as follows:

• Food and beverage discount benefits are applicable to full-day buffet restaurants, Chinese restaurants, feature restaurants, room service, and bars of participating hotels; Mini-bar, banquet, wedding and takeout service are not included.

• Unless special arrangements are made at participating hotels, the food and beverage discount benefits are only applicable to food and non-alcoholic beverages; According to the actual operation of each participating hotel, the discount may not apply to a few specialties or customized set meal of the hotel, and the right of interpretation belongs to each participating hotel.

• Unless special arrangements are made for participating hotels, the food and beverage discount benefits do not overlap with other discounts or promotions launched by the hotel at that time;

• Food and beverage discount benefits are only applicable to members themselves and the number of co-diners shall be less than 8;

• Food and beverage discounts are not applicable to food and beverage booked but not consumed by members;

• Members (including in-store and walk-in members) need to indicate the membership number, or show their membership card / electronic membership card at the time of booking or when they arrive at the restaurant, the hotel restaurant has the right to verify membership before using this benefit.

• Service charge and taxes are not eligible for discount.


[xv] The brand turndown service is an exclusive brand experience provided by Mlife for Gold, Platinum and Black Card members. Participating brand hotels will provide members with different forms of turndown service based on the unique characteristics of their brands.


[xvi] Butler service is the exclusive benefit provided by Mlife only for Black Card members, this benefit applies to all participating hotels. This exclusive service includes transportation reservations, restaurant reservations, attraction ticket purchases, emergency services for black card members during their stay. Service details depend on the hotel brand and member needs. Black Card members can contact the hotel guest service center before arrival and inform them of the itinerary and check-in requirements so that the hotel can make arrangements in advance.


7. The period of validity for Membership level and nights

7.1. Guests can get Silver Card membership when they registered successfully;

7.2. The criteria for assessing the membership level is: the eligible room nights accumulated by the members themselves within one calendar year (January 1 to December 31. specific assessment criteria is shown in Section 5;

7.3. Upgrade and downgrade:

7.3.1. A member can retain this membership level until the end of the next calendar year after attaining the membership level in any calendar year;

7.3.2. If Gold and Platinum Cards are fails to meet the current level requirements in the period of validity, the membership lever will automatically downgrade to the lower level.

7.3.3. Silver and Black Cards are not down-gradable.

7.4. All nights will be emptied after the end of each calendar year.

8. Member service

Guests can get customer service by sending an email to mlife@dytmgm.com, calling member service number 4009030228, or by following and leaving message on WeChat service account of “DiaoyutaiMGM”. Services include: member registration and information query, room reservation and eligible accumulative room nights log-in, member complaints and suggestions, etc.

9. Other generally applicable benefits policies

In addition to what has been clearly stipulated in other parts of the terms and conditions, members should also understand and acknowledge the following benefits policies:

• The membership benefits provided by the participating hotels are reserved only for the members themselves, inapplicable to additional rooms booked or paid by the member;

• When a room is shared by two members, there is only one member guest in the room who obtains the membership benefits by providing membership number during booking or check-in;

• The member's spouse, other family members, friends, colleagues, etc. can’t enjoy member benefit;

• Unless otherwise specified by the participating hotels, the prerequisite for obtaining membership benefits: payment of eligible room rates and other expenses.

• With the newly opened hotel of Diaoyutai MGM Group participating in Mlife program, membership benefits may also be applicable to other countries and regions outside of China.

• At present, the only exception to the adjustment of membership levels is Black Card members. There are no rules applicable to their membership adjustment. As long as Diaoyutai MGM Group continues to invite them to be Black Card members, they are entitled to all related benefits.

10. Member Obligations

Any guest who registers as a Mlife member, will voluntarily undertake the following obligations:

10.1. The act of registering as a Mlife member does not violate any laws, regulations, decrees, policies and rules of corporation or other organizations that are binding on the registrant. Or else, the registrant or Mlife member will be held accountable for such violation;

10.2. Use the ID information that authentic and valid to register as a Mlife member and maintain its accuracy regularly;

10.3. Comply with the terms and conditions, perform transactions and agreements with Diaoyutai MGM Group and participating hotels in good faith (including but not limited to on the contrary to unreasonable refusal of payment or arrears of bills), make good use of rather than abuse of member privileges, and do not employ any deceitful means to maintain and obtain the number of nights in the hotel;

10.4. Do not commit acts that prejudice the legitimate rights and interests of Diaoyutai MGM Group, participating hotels, other Mlife members and guests, and do not insult or hurt the employees of participating hotels;

10.5. You have read and accepted the privacy and cookies statements in the process of registering on the Diaoyutai MGM Group’s official website;

10.6. Protect your own member account and related information to prevent access by strangers;

10.7. Members shall not give, borrow, rent, inherit, transfer or sell their account and information, or otherwise permit any third party ( including but not limited to travel agencies, exhibition companies and any profit-making travel companies) to use the account and information, or use it for other purposes.

10.8. Violation of the above obligations may result in the loss of membership rights and qualifications, and the membership account may be suspended or cancelled.

11. Member account cancellation, termination and information deletion

11.1. Mlife Members can contact Mlife Service & Reservation Center to apply for cancellation of membership.

11.1.1. After receipt of the member's cancellation request, Mlife Service & Reservation Center will verify the member's identity and obtain the guest's written signature authorization.

11.1.2. If the identity is verified and the written signature authorization is obtained, Mlife Service & Reservation Center will cancel the account and delete the information from the system involved in implementing daily business functions, rendering it unretrievable and inaccessible.

11.1.3. Diaoyutai MGM Hospitality will delete all data and content that members submitted and saved on the website.

11.1.4. Diaoyutai MGM Hospitality will not retain, archive or back up relevant information in the background system, except as expressly provided by applicable law.

11.2. Once the Mlife member's account is canceled or terminated, all accumulated nights and other benefits will be immediately voided. All nights and benefits will not be reinstated upon re-application for membership.

12. Disclaimer

12.1. Diaoyutai MGM Group and its shareholders, participating hotels and their owners, as well as their directors, senior management, employees, subcontractors, agents and other representatives ("Diaoyutai MGM Group related parties"), do not provide any guarantee for the suitability and availability of this royalty program; do not take responsibility for any errors and omissions (including but not limited to, delayed disclosure of information and inaccurate expression) during the implementation of the royalty program and the terms and conditions, unless it was entirely caused by the willful misconduct or gross negligence of Diaoyutai MGM Group related parties. This section is not intended to exclude legal liability for personal injury and loss of tangible property caused by Diaoyutai MGM Group related parties.

12.2. If Diaoyutai MGM Group related parties are affected by a force majeure factor (force majeure refers to, regardless of location or duration, (a) storms and other natural events; (b) fires and explosions; (c) wars or armed conflicts ; (d) riots or other civil disobedience; (e) crime, terrorism or threats; (f) strikes or similar labor movement; (g) embargoes or blockades; (h) shortages of important supplies or traffic disruptions; (i) pandemic and public health event; (j) action or inaction of government agencies (including promulgated laws, specific administrative actions, or restrictions on room rates, information release systems, or other important aspects of operations); and (k) any other events beyond the reasonable control of Diaoyutai MGM Group related parties) , and cannot provide the member benefits, privileges and rewards stated in these terms and conditions, for which Diaoyutai MGM Group related parties shall not be liable.

13. Other terms

13.1. The implementation of the royalty program, terms and conditions, and any disputes arising therefrom shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the People's Republic of China (excluding the application of conflict rules), and Chinese courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction. Any form of class action is explicitly precluded herein.

13.2. These terms and conditions are formulated and published in both Chinese and English. Due to translation limits, there may be subtle discrepancies. In case of any inconsistency, the Chinese version shall prevail.

13.3. These terms and conditions may be revised from time to time, and members need to pay attention to the revised information.

13.4. The right to interpret these terms and conditions (and their amendments from time to time) belongs to Diaoyutai MGM Group.