Mhub by MGM Nanjing Jiangning
At the HUB, you can find Chinese and Western cuisines, light meals and snacks, refreshments and drinks, as well as a bar—embodying a new concept for enjoying social and leisure time in a relaxing and tasteful atmosphere. From a semi-buffet breakfast serving both Chinese and Western food, to signature local favorites and classic Western dishes newly interpreted by our chefs, to elegant pastries and hot beverages, inspiring Chinese afternoon tea sets, and hand-crafted cocktails perfect for a pleasant evening, the HUB is here to satisfy taste buds day and night. Local specialties are also available at our kiosk around the clock, treating our guests to a quick yet delightful meal even when things get busy.
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Chinese and Western Cuisine Snacks
Signature dishes
Jiangnan mild Veal
Diaoyutai cuisine is not only one of the eight major cuisines, but also incorporates the strengths of various cuisines and embodies the essence of world-famous Chinese cuisine. It inherits the menu of imperial cuisine and folk style snacks, forming a fresh, elegant, soft and meaningful Diaoyutai cuisine, which has been recognized as Diaoyutai cuisine by dignitaries at home and abroad. Originally a creative dish from Jiangnan, the chef combines it with the traditional health maintenance principles of Diaoyutai.
Fresh Pepper Beef Dices
Diaoyutai cuisine draws on the strengths of various cuisines and incorporates the essence of world-renowned cuisine. It inherits the imperial cuisine manual and adopts folk snacks, gradually forming its own unique style. This dish skillfully blends the essence of Sichuan cuisine with Diaoyutai cuisine, and is flown in from the birthplace of Sichuan fresh green and white pepper. It has a spicy and warm taste, and is beneficial to the spleen, stomach and kidney meridians. It can eliminate the fishy smell of meat.
Andy Li
Andy Li
Andy Li, Executive Chef of Mhub by MGM Nanjing, is a native of Xi'an and has a passion for food culture since he was a child. Since joining DIAOYUTAI MGM HOSPITALITY, he has been dedicated to bringing the art of Western cuisine to Chinese cuisine and presenting more surprises to guests.
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