Worry-free Hosting, Peaceful Vacation
2023-06-07 TO 2023-06-30
Worry-free Hosting, Peaceful Vacation Over 20 fun-filled activities, including outdoor sports, intellectual board games, and amazing experiments, allowing you to let go and enjoy a worry-free vacation!
Full day custody: 699 yuan/person Half day custody: 399 yuan/person Children aged 3 and above can participate, and an appointment must be made one day in advance

Outdoor Children's Park ,Start a Curious Adventure

Nazca Giant Painting, Soccer Kid, Frisbee, Speed Pioneer, Sandcastle Party.

Transforming into a little adventurer, unleashing vitality and exploring the joy of nature

Lunch relaxation time

Delicious nutritious meals for children, imaginative lunchtime storytelling, and even a nice nap in an exquisite little tent when tired of playing.

Indoor Children's Park ,Fingertip Fantasy

Painted kites, leaf stickers, ice and fire double sky patterns with fun handicrafts, experience hands-on fun, wonderful experiments and bring children to a scientific world meal.

Hosting time: 09:00-18:00

Appointment phone number: 0898-8863 9999, transfer to the entertainment department

The above child care activities are only suitable for children aged 3 and above, and an appointment must be made one day in advance.
Terms and conditions
Plase reserve 1 day in advance for the yoga or swimming class through 0898 8863 9999 ext. 6319