2023-05-01 TO 2023-06-30
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Terms and conditions
1. Anyone who has heart disease, hypertension, lumbar disc herniation or other diseases, or has not recovered from surgery, habitual dislocation after exercise, as well as pregnant women, is prohibited from participating in surfing extreme sport;

2. Experience surfing water projects. Do not wear necklaces, rings, glasses, swimming goggles, watches, mobile phones, cameras, etc. to avoid loss and damage, and do not carry valuable items;

3. Individuals aged 8 to 50 years or above (or above 1.3 meters in height) and in good physical condition are eligible to experience the project;

4. Before entering the venue, please follow the guidance and allocation of the leisure department and on-site staff to avoid congestion;

5. Please personally sign the disclaimer before using the equipment;