Meet Brilliance is the unique service concept of M life, creating the personalized moment of brilliance for you, celebrating your brilliant life achivements, and impressing you with our extraordinary hospitality.

  • Secret Garden

    Whether for family gatherings, business celebrations or meeting with old friends, Sky Garden Banquet is your best choice. The chef of Royal Court will present the renowned Diaoyutai dishes or the black pearl menu, while incorporating local delicacies. We also have diverse offerings of Yue Opera, Kunqu Opera, or live bands at hand to add flavor to your dining experience.

  • Glamorous Escape Experience

    Bellagio Shanghai invites you to celebrate love and extend romance. Couples can toast their sweeties with romantic dinner at LAGO. Enjoy a luxurious night’s sleep in a Terrace River Room with special-arranged welcome amenities and wake up to a tantalizing breakfast served in the room.

  • Buddha + Tea

    Led by the Dharma Master into the Lingyin Temple and Xiangji Temple to pray for blessings and practice Zen. Visit the Longjing Tea Garden to learn about the history and story of Hangzhou Longjing tea, and participate in the tea savoring event at the Moju Tea House in the hotel. If it happens to be the picking season of Longjing tea, you can also experience tea picking and have a taste of the unique local culture.

  • Private Gourmet

    From the private room of royal courts, overlooking the 100-year-old Kuanzhai Alley, our chef will introduce you the history of Diaoyutai cuisine, and make the Longxu noodles on the spot. The ultra slim noodles are dancing in front of you like a waterfall pouring from the sky.While relishing our exquisite gourmet, you will also be able to have a taste of the face changing show to help you better experience the local Sichuan opera.

  • Xishu Lacquerware

    Appreciate the elegant lacquerware from close range, learn about lacquerware knowledge, have a lacquerware-theme afternoon tea, and make your own unique lacquerware bookmarks by yourself! Meet the brilliance at Diaoyutai Boutique Hotel Chengdu!