1. What is DMH M life Rewards?

M life Rewards (hereinafter referred to as The program, The loyalty program or M life), a loyalty program maintained by Diaoyutai MGM Hospitality, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “DMH Group”, DMH or the Group) to confer more benefits to loyal guests and patrons of our brand portfolios, feature a wide variety of exclusive privileges and member events.


2. Which hotels are participating in the program?

The hotels currently participating in the program include:

· Bellagio by MGM Shanghai

· Diaoyutai Boutique Hotel Chengdu

· Mhub by MGM Nanjing Jiangning

· MGM Shanghai West Bund

The Group will regularly update the list of participating hotels.


3. When will the program be rolled out or take effect?

M life Rewards program was piloted at August 2020, membership registered during the trial run will be deemed as formal. Grand launch at June. 21st, 2022.


4. What qualifications are required to become a M life member?

Natural citizens who are over 18 years of age in China and foreign citizens have come of age in accordance with the laws of their country of origin can apply to join this program and open member accounts in their own names (such member accounts are online information, including basic personal information such as name, date of birth, etc.).


5. Where to register as a member?

M life Rewards program is open to all guests such as frequent business travelers and leisure travelers. Guests can register through the Group's official website or Log onto Wechat ( please follow DiaoyutaiMGMor add mini-Program 钓鱼台美高梅美狮荟M life”), the M life Rewards Service and Reservation Center or the front desk of participating hotels.


6. Do I need to pay to register?

No registration fee will be charged.


7. Can I register more than one member account?

One member only keeps and uses one M life Rewards account with an account number and membership number.


8. What are the restrictions for registering as a member?

Registration is limited to a natural person, not a company or other organization.


9. Can member accounts be transferred to family or friends?

No transfer, merge or sharing of membership.


10. Do I need to set a password to register a member account?

Yes. The password must be at least eight (8) characters long and must contain English characters (a-z, A-Z) and numbers (0-9). Special characters are not allowed, such as: # ¥% * &.


11. How do I reset my membership card password?

You can reset password by logging in the member account and click "Change password" on the “My Profile” page.


12. Can the DMH M life Rewards membership card be used at MGM Macau or MGM Grand in Las Vegas, USA?



13. Can the MGM Macau M life membership card or MGM Grand in Las Vegas, USA be used at Diaoyutai MGM Hotels?



14. What are the benefits of becoming a DMH M life member?

Earn points, exclusive member rates (see 25 of this FAQ), One-off Complimentary Soft Drink For The Minibar In Stay, free internet and local calls.

Different F&B discount rates are offered based on membership levels (see section 23 of this FAQ), and other exclusive member services.

See also the "M life Terms and Conditions" published on DMH official website, especially Sections 6 and 7.


15. How many levels of DMH M life Rewards?

The program includes four membership levels, namely:



16. What conditions to meet in order to upgrade membership?

M life Silver Card members shall keep 0-9 valid room nights in each calendar year;

M life Gold Card members shall keep 10-29 valid room nights in each calendar year;

M life Platinum Card members shall keep 30 or more valid room nights in each calendar year;

M life Black Card members are guests exclusively invited by DMH.

One calendar year: January 1st to December 31st.


17. How long will an upgrade last?

A member can retain the membership level until the Dec. 31 of the next calendar year after upgrading. If a member fails to meet the criteria for the current level in a calendar year, the membership will automatically downgrade to the next lower level (except Silver members and Black members).


18. Can M life membership card earn points to upgrade?



19. Can I enjoy membership discount without a physical card?

Yes, M life members can present an electronic membership card when making payment. You can logging in the Wechat to following service account “DiaoyutaiMGM” or adding Mini-Program “钓鱼台美高梅美狮荟M life”, E-member card can be obtained on your member account.


20. What are the eligible rates for cumulative valid room nights?

For direct bookings through the Group's official website (including mobile terminals), reservation centers or participating hotels, most of their rates are eligible to accumulate valid room nights, including: standard room rate, member rate, company negotiated rate, government rate.


21. What are the ineligible rates for valid room nights?

Ineligible room rates refer to: group or conference room rates (whether through main bill settlement or individual direct settlement), airline crew rates, rates on third-party booking channels (including but not limited to Booking.com, Expedia, etc.) , preferential prices, package discounts or wholesale prices provided by other travel agencies, complimentary room, free night awards.


22. Where can I check my membership details or update my membership profile?

· Logging into the member account on the Group's official website www.dytmgm.com

· Following the DMH WeChat account “DiaoyutaiMGM” or add mini-Program 钓鱼台美高梅美狮荟M life”.

· Sending email to mlife@dytmgm.com

· Calling DMH M life Service and Reservation Center at 4009030228 or by following the DMH WeChat account “DiaoyutaiMGM”.


23. What F&B benefits does M life members have?

DMH M life Rewards provides members of each level with different rates of F&B discount, the specific rates are as follows:

Silver: 5% off

Gold: 10% off

Platinum: 15% off

Black: 20% off

For specific applicable scenarios, please refer to Terms & Conditionsof  DMH M life Rewards or call the restaurant of the participating hotel you want to book for inquiries.


24. How many people can enjoy a meal with the F&B discount?

F&B discounts are limited to a meal with less than 8 people. For details, please refer to the "Terms & Conditions" of DMH M life Rewards published on the official website of the Group.


25. What are the discounts for members booking rooms or cars?

M life members are entitled to exclusive discounted rates (i.e. "Member Rates"). Member rates are applicable to all participating hotels under the Diaoyutai MGM Group, and subject to variation from time to time (based on the lowest published rate of similar room types in hotels); Members can once book up to 3 rooms in the same hotel at the member rate. For details, please refer to the "Terms & Conditions" of DMH M life Rewards published on the official website of the Group.

There is no discount for car booking, which are contingent upon the pubic price provided by the participating hotels.


26. Any birthday discounts?

No. DMH M life program is actively evaluating potential birthday perks, and members will be notified by email or SMS upon further confirmation.


27. Is there any discount for shopping in the hotel?

No. DMH M life program is actively evaluating potential shopping perks, and members will be notified by email or SMS upon further confirmation.


28. Is there any discount for booking banquet for 8 or more persons?