Diaoyutai MGM Residences (Shanghai)

Diaoyutai MGM Residece (Shanghai) is the first residence project for DMH in the mega city. The project is located in the CBD area of Changning District, with convenient traffic. There are many large commercial complexes and department stores such as supermarkets, business atmosphere is pretty mature. Meanwhile, the project is next to the well-known middle schools, primary schools in Shanghai and public hospitals. Besides all those living facilities, owners can also enjoy its exclusive club services.

The building is previously known as a famous international residence in the area. DMH will conduct complete and through market research, and reposition, redesign and reconstruct the project, upgrade the quality of existing facilities and build 227 branded residences and serviced residences. We will present the entire project to the market with a new face.

The project mainly features spacious, transparent, flat, large residences complete with DMH property management standards intended only for social elites and dignitaries from around the world. It has attracted lots of attention on the market and will certainly be a hot cake once the project is completed.