In hotels and resorts the world over, guests are presented with a standard menu of experiences in the context of a unique destination. At MGM Grand we intend to create unique destination experiences first and foremost and then support them with a hotel.

We design properties to generate buzz in the local market and import guests from competitive properties. We conceive and operate our restaurants to be the finest dining establishments in a city. We build our nightclubs to capture the local entertainment spotlight. Our spas are designed to cultivate local membership first and then extend those world-class services to our guests. The cumulative buzz created by the MGM Grand collection of offerings makes the property the most desirable hotel for our guest in any given market.

Through this process we aspire to create a world of choice for people of diverse origin and influence. We call these people "cosmopolitans" because they are engaged by brands rooted in global culture and entertainment.

At the core of our hotels is a sense of electricity and energy that encapsulates the MGM Grand brand. Cosmopolitans visit our properties because they perceive them as an extension of who they are and what they want.