Passionate, exhilarating, and aesthetically inspiring, the Bellagio brand will embody the Italian philosophy of "la Bella Figura," quiet literally, "The Beautiful Figure". A way of life that rules the land in Italy, la Bella Figura emphasizes beauty, proper etiquette, impeccable taste and loyalty. These four cornerstones will guide the development of the Bellagio brand and inform the decisions that you as designers will make every day as you create the physical places that allow our guests to experience this unique form of hospitality. Please take a moment to contemplate the following cornerstones of la Bella Figura and reflect upon how they will influence your work.


Italy is a place of grandeur and elegance that can be seen in the jaw-dropping volume of St. Peter's Basilica, the powerful lines of an Italian sports car and the perfect stitching of a hand crafted suit. From the monumental to the minuscule, Italians value beauty and attention to detail. The art, history, architecture, fashion and fine wines of Italy are unsurpassed and there is an inherent sense of appreciation for design and form throughout the land. While not all Bellagio hotels will be Italian in style, they will all be Italian in spirit.

What makes each Bellagio unique is its authentic sense of place; its ability to interpret the local culture and speak the native language while respecting its own Italian heritage. In the spirit of classic Italian architecture, spaces will flow seamlessly from one programmed area to another with an elegance and procession that is at once timeless in its fundamental planning yet fashionable in its appointments. Environments will be highly anticipatory in their details, design courtesies, and accommodations and will exceed the expectations of supreme comfort and universal beauty at every turn. The interior experiences and beauty of a Bellagio hotel will surpass the standards of luxury promoted by the finest and highly regarded competing hotels in each respective market.

The design of Bellagio must differentiate itself within the marketplace as an instant landmark unsurpassable by any competing properties upon its' opening and well into the future. Quiet simply, Bellagio is the benchmark to which other hotels will aspire, yet never achieve.

Proper Etiquette

In addition to the unrivaled beauty of Italian design, La Bella Figura is also a form of etiquette. This second cornerstone involves acting properly, knowing the rules of the culture, presenting oneself with, and being aware of, the proper nuances that Italian society demands. It is knowing how to act and how to behave under particular circumstances.

As you develop the spaces within a Bellagio hotel, give careful consideration to the social customs, traditions and rituals found indigenously within the region of the property's location. Emphasis shall be on intimacy, discretion and privacy, while simultaneously responding to socialization that is the guest's choice versus socialization imposed upon the guest by an environment that predetermines how they will interact with themselves and others. Architecture and interiors will be designed with consummate respect for individualizing the guest service experience and will be conscientiously configured and appointed to minimize any presence of high volume and high through-put of occupants.

The design attributes of the Bellagio lobby and public areas must consider personnel in service positions as being equally or more important than the luxury interiors or finishes. Presence of staff and service personnel shall be paramount and given great consideration in the design and configuration of all guest accessible areas. Every room in every space shall simultaneously be an architectural "welcome" and sincere expression of appreciation and gratitude toward the guest.

Impeccable Taste

The Bellagio of any given city will be emblematic of that locale, tasteful in its interpretation of that culture, and the center of its social life. Irresistibly attractive, each property will be a distinctly creative masterpiece, a radiant and dynamic tapestry of colors, textures, fashion and design. As the descendant of its renowned Las Vegas forebearer, every Bellagio Hotel will have an unmistakable style and charisma imprinted into its DNA.

It will always offer superlative world-class dining, thrilling nightspots, and magnificent pools and spas that rival the finest luxury resorts. It is the place to be. To say, "I'm at the Bellagio," is to signal that you are in the know.

Architectural forms and interior spaces shall be assembled in such a way as to epitomize the quintessential design characteristics of the local architectural vernacular. It is important to note that these spaces are not themed, replicative, or historic, but are rather a distillation of the best attributes of a particular culture's indigenous building types. Authenticity of materials and detailing is paramount. In keeping with the third cornerstone of la Bella Figura, each programmed area shall convey a sense of impeccable taste within the context of the local culture and be a thoughtful and emotionally inspired stage set for the universally embraced notions of gracious hospitality and personalized service.


Italians have a strong sense of loyalty to their family, friends, neighbors and business partners. In keeping with the final cornerstone of la Bella Figura, the splendor of the Bellagio physical form will be enhanced by a service and loyalty program that goes well beyond the anticipatory. Intelligent, sensitive and nuanced, Bellagio personnel are attentive without being intrusive. They respond to guests on a personal, intuitive level, and instinctively know the best way to serve the unique needs of each guest. Culturally literate and emotionally perceptive, Bellagio staff thinks, feels, understands.

In conclusion, one of life's greatest pleasures is to stay at the Bellagio. As a form of self-expression, and self-fulfillment, it has no equal. Every visit is an uplifting experience, something to talk about, something special to remember. Guests can be swept up in its energy, immersed in its sophistication, or ensconced in its warm and welcoming arms. Bellagio guests don't just stay; they belong. They feel at one with their surroundings, connected to their people, and in touch with who they are. Once exposed to the Bellagio experience, they will forever identify with the Bellagio brand - bold individuality, vibrant imagination, and a passion for living a beautiful life.